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BEC Foundry is robustly built to handle its manufacturing activities and is well equipped with the latest technology trends that are upgraded on regular basis. The Foundry consists of two elaborate factory sites to accommodate a total combination of all required equipments and machinery to handle its manufacturing activities.

Latest equipment additions have not only enhanced the level of quality and productivity, but recent expansion of the facilities has enhanced total manufacturing space 0.3 million sq. meters with a capacity of 12000 tons per annum. And above all, our upgraded infrastructure allows all work to be handled quickly and efficiently.

The manufacturing facilities consist of the following:

  1. Designing & Pattern Making with Casting Simulation Modeling.
  2. Melting Shop with Direct ARC Furnace.
  3. Molding Shop with No Bake System.
  4. Fettling Shop
  5. Heat Treatment
  6. Machine Shop
  7. Lab & Testing facilities including:
    • Chemical & Mechanical Testing
    • NDT with Radiography.