Global Network, Presence of BEC in Third Country
1 Collaboration & Cooperation Agreement for Supply Specialized Surface Mining Equipments. To be finalized soon
2 Collaboration Agreement for supply of Under Ground Mining Equipment i.e Side Discharge Loader. Trials  Completed
1 Collaboration Agreement With HKC now Krupp Udhe for manufacture of Coke Oven Servicing Machines on turnkey basis. Executed /Under Execution more than 100 machines.
2 Collaboration Agreement for manufacture of Feeder Breaker. Executed above 14nos. & still order expected.
1 Agreement for Modernization of Wire Rod Mills in Integrated Steel Plants In India with MORGARD SHAMMER AB on turnkey basis. Modernized 2mills in India.
1 Collaborated with Giprokoks &KB Koksokhimmash for Moderniszation &Construction of new Coke Oven Batteries on turnkey basis. Received orders for 400 million USD from Steel Plants in India & Abroad.
2 Collaborated with KBK for manufacture of Auxiliary equipments of Coke oven batteries & Zero Leak Proof Doors. Executing substantial Order for Steel Plants In India.
3 Regular Supplier of Freight Car Bogie Frames. Supplied above 6000 sets.
1 MOU with Bari Fonderie Meridionali S.p.a for tranfer of technology for the manufacture Weldable Cast Manganese Steel Crossing. Order expected from Indian Railways for 12 million USD.
USA / Canada / Mexico / Austria
1 Supplying Spares for Diesel Locomotives to Electro Motive Diesel. Since 10 years.
2 Supplying Frogs/Xings for American Rail Rosds. Since 10 years.
3 Supplied recently coke oven servicing machine on turnkey basis in Mexico. Under Erection at Site.
4 Supply of Cast Steel Loco Bogies. Under Execution.
5 Supplying spares for Locomotive of Siemens - Austria Since 5 years.
South Africa and Kenya
1 Supply of Coke Oven Servicing Machines to Arcellor Mittal on turnkey basis in South Africa. Executed in 2007.
2 Supply of freight car bogies for railways in Kenya. Supplied more than 200nos.